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Air-Smart has long been known locally as a trustworthy service. 630-871-1855

Reasons why we don’t do repair work

There is a nationwide shortage of service tech’s. Finding good tech’s looking for work is very difficult these days. We’re a small local company and when we found ourselves needing to hire another good tech, we made the decision to instead eliminate service call work altogether. 

The shortage of service tech’s is so intense that techs are even being raided from companies. An example is a friend of mine who owns another HVAC company told me that one of his techs was offered a $5,000 sign-on bonus if the tech left and came on board with the other company and worked with them for a minimum of 6-months. 

There are always other offers circulating out there that tech’s are comparing to what they currently have. With the shortage, tech’s are increasingly being approached.

Another factor is the high overhead expense associated with service tech wages, benefits and perks, purchasing vans, stocking the vans with all the varieties of repair parts and then van maintenance, insurance and gas. If a good tech happens to have a negative mark on their driving record, the insurance rate goes right through the roof.

What’s the benefit for you?

Our concentration on one specialty now actually has benefits for you!

We’re in our 14th year of providing reliable heating and cooling service to Wheaton, IL and greater DuPage County.

Proven testament to our quality installations is our long list of 5-Star reviews pluse we have ZERO Better Business Bureau complaints.

But what if I need service or repair?

If there ever would be an issue related to installation, you would just call us and we would take care of that right away ourselves. Yes we are human, in our 14 years in business we have had two minor issues. We took care of them right away and both customers were very pleased afterward.

If you ever need a service call on a heating and cooling system that we installed and it’s past our initial labor warranty period but still under manufacturer warranty,

ANY local service company can replace the part that’s under warranty at no cost to you and just charge for labor.

The manufacturer does not require you to use the installing company for warranty work.

So then why wouldn’t I just use the other company who does both service calls and equipment replacement work? Because you’ll save a lot of money on the replacement when you use Air-Smart.

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