Tune-Up, Why?


Chicagoland summers are known to get into the 90’s at times starting in late June and then especially during July and August,

…and our winters, Whew! Think of January 30, 2019 when the high temperature was -10 degrees below zero…that was the High Temp for the day.

Our winters get really cold starting around Christmas time and then get worse during January and February with the brutal cold sometimes lasting into March.

Question: What’s the last thing you want to find out about your heating and cooling system during these extreme temperature times that happen each year?

Answer: Uh,Oh! Your heating and cooling system has Stopped Working…right when you Need it the Most. 

Annual equipment service can be the big difference between a Peak Performing Healthy System versus inefficient system operation with possible system failures…which of course happen at the worst time.

Don’t wait for the really bad weather to hit and find out too late that a maintenance service could have saved you from a no heat service call.

Regular maintenance is guaranteed to save money and perhaps even headaches too. Air-Smart, Inc will help you stay comfortable and keep your system healthy and running at its peak level year round. 

Say, “No More!” to other expensive Gold and Platinum plans and say, “Yes Please” to an exclusive plan that actually works and is reasonably priced too.

Call Air-Smart today to evaluate and maintain your current furnace and air conditioning systems and keep them working at their best no matter what their age.

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