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The Pure Air Plug In Plus from Air Smart saved my life! Serious health issues threatened my ability to do my job. Fumes from remodeling and cleaning products kept my eyes red and swollen and forced me to leave work early every day for two weeks. The following weekend I installed the Plug In Plus. Monday morning the office had been transformed. I was able to work in comfort. No problem with dust or fumes. No sniffles, no red, runny eyes. I work in human services and have a constant stream of adults and children in my office bringing cold and flu germs with them. Despite a worse than usual flu season and bitter weather, despite my own weakened immune system, I have not even had a cold this year. I give the credit to the Plug In Plus. It was the only change in my environment, and, clearly, it was the right one. Thank you so much Air Smart!
Allison S.  Wheaton, IL

If you find yourself stuck in the midst of a Midwest Arctic Vortex with absolutely no heat, call Air-Smart – that’s what I did.

Joe and his crew had us basking in warmth a few hours after that phone call.   Joe walked me through the options and cost benefits of various furnace models.  Understanding my urgency, Joe checked the time and then personally picked up my furnace just as his American Standard supplier was closing for the day.

The Air-Smart team was professional, knowledgeable and courteous – answering pesky questions from me – as they installed the new furnace.  As we thawed out, we congratulated ourselves on making the right choice going with Air-Smart.  Bill K., Wheaton

Honest company and we thought the guys for the install were very outgoing and we were very pleased with the products and the install of our new boiler and air unit.. 🙂 TMK, Lisle

After the major Wheaton flooding, one company on Angie’s list suggested that we wait for two days for someone to get our furnace running again and check out our new hot water heater, and even though our water heater was brand new it would have to be replaced no matter what. Another company said they were just too backed up even to respond.

Then we called Joe at Air-Smart.  He was able to fit us in much sooner than those others I called.  The tech checked out my furnace and got it going again and recommended putting a fan by the water heater to dry it out too.

After we dried it out with a fan it still would not light. So we called Joe again, and he sent Air-Smart’s plumber to check it out. The plumber spent 1/2 hour here and was able to re- light the water heater, so we were very glad we didn’t have to buy another new one.  We are VERY impressed with Air-Smart’s problem solving, “human” behavior, and compassion.  Jan Q., Wheaton, IL

Thanks Joe.  I registered the furnace warranty online just like you told me, so I’m all set.   As you know I had bids from 6 other contractors.  I was essentially looking for someone local with good references, a good history, and a good product.

I finalized it down to two contractors, you being one and another in Glen Ellyn.  They also offered Armstrong, so I felt that I was comparing “apples to apples”.  They also had a very good reputation and I liked both you both.   I chose to go with you because of several things.  One, which I mentioned, was folks that  I knew vouching for your character as an individual, your reputation, and lastly, you beat the price of the other guy.  The fact that you will honor your a/c price quote but will install later in the spring was also a consideration for me.  Tom T., Wheaton


Joe and the Air-Smart team exceeded my expectations. During the recent cold snap, I received a call at the office from my wife that our house was down to 52 degrees. I rushed home and called Joe at Air-Smart. Within two hours he had a technician out to the house.  Keeping me involved at every step of the process, the technician determined that the furnace had to be replaced. Joe is an honest man and gave us a competitive price on the replacement. He knew we were up against a wall and did not take advantage of the situation. I would definitely recommend Air-Smart to my friends and family.                     Will B., Glen Ellyn, IL

Jan Q.

Wheaton, IL

Joe, Yes very pleased, the house is cool today and everything seems to be working well.

Tim D.

Wheaton, IL

Everything went very well with my new furnace and AC installation, we’re very happy.  Thanks for a job well done.

Henry A.

Wheaton, IL

My wife said the crew worked very efficiently and quickly.  I checked out the new furnace later after work and saw that their work was very clean and well installed.

Peter H.

Wheaton, IL

(Commercial Rooftop Unit Replacement)
The men did a great job, they said it would be running by one o’clock and it was at five to one.  It seems to be working fine.  Thanks and best regards.

Verne B.

Wheaton, IL

Thanks Joe–I appreciated the competency and the professional, polite demeanor of your crew. They were efficient and pleasant. And, I’m very glad my house is warm again!

Debra N.

Wheaton, IL

I used Air-Smart for a fall checkup (including video exam of heat exchanger and CO inspection) of my furnace and heating system through a deal on Glen Ellyn Patch.  Found the service to be very responsive, professional and reasonably priced.

Bruce S.

Glen Ellyn, IL

Joe, as you know, I did a lot of research prior to hiring your firm.  While product was important, it became apparent that the install is critical.  By contracting with Air-Smart I not only got a good price, but also a superior installation.

Your crew was on time to start and did a good clean up job.  I got the size unit I needed at a fair price.  For the first time in years the house has a constant temperature.  My wife and I are very happy with the new furnace and AC and also thankful for the fine work your company did.

Tom P.

Wheaton, IL

The DuPage County Bar Association contracted with Air-Smart to replace two 6-ton rooftop heating and air conditioning units on our building.  The whole process from start to finish was seamless…I strongly recommend Joe Bechtold and his Air-Smart team.

Leslie M.

Executive Director DCBA

Air-Smart Heating & Air Conditioning Wheaton, IL.  New furnace and air conditioner install on 4-24-12 No complaints here. Equipment was sized correctly, Install was top notch. Fair price, excellent professional work crew, clean on time. Highly recommended. Water heater was not venting properly, crew went on roof and found nest in chimney and removed it. Problem solved. Over and above the call of duty. My thanks to Joe Bechtold and his crew.


Posted On Dex

I would highly recommend Air-Smart. They installed a new air conditioner for me. They were most courteous, respectful and an absolute pleasure to do business with from beginning to end. I had two more estimates scheduled after Air Smart and I almost cancelled them both because I had a very strong feeling I would be choosing Air-Smart. Low and behold, I did choose Air-Smart and have no regrets whatsoever. They definitely deserve 5 stars. Thanks Joe and the Air-Smart team.


Wheaton, IL

Five Stars – I’m Thrilled!  We thought we were looking at an expensive repair, but after cleaning and inspecting our furnace, Kim assured us that all was well — and it is.  The cost was way less than I expected, and Kim was extremely pleasant and knowledgeable.  I also have had contact with Joe, the owner, and have been impressed with his honesty and personal integrity.  I trust these guys.

Martha K.

Wheaton, IL

Joe, Your guys did a great job for us today – thank you again!

Glen M.

West Chicago, IL

Thank you Joe.  I’m very happy with my new furnace and AC.

Joan A.

Aurora, IL

Thanks, Joe, for everything – the service was excellent!  It was a pleasure to meet you.

Wyatt W.

Carol Stream, IL

Joe took the time to really explain the systems and gave me options unlike other companies.  I am very appreciative of the promptness of the new installation.  Your experienced, friendly staff did an excellent job installing our furnace, AC and central humidification system for us.  After the installation they walked me through the operation, and explained the new touch screen thermostat to us.   I absolutely will recommend Air-Smart to family and friends.  Thanks again, Eric Q., Palatine, IL

Being involved with sales as a career, my perspective on the buying/selling process is somewhat unique.  My experience has been that the majority of sales people’s actions are driven solely by getting the deal and maximizing their commission while customer needs are barely an afterthought.  Since buying a furnace and air conditioner carries both a significant price tag and an average life expectancy of 10-15 years, I expected to receive quotes padded with more than I needed, slow delivery and little to no follow-up.

Air-Smart blew away all of my expectations.  The units were carefully sized for my needs, the pricing was lower than the competition, the install was quick, clean and professional and post-install questions were answered quickly.  I cannot recommend Air-Smart highly enough.

Brandon F.

Wheaton, IL

Joe provided exceptional guidance and patience through an extended decision making process on my part. He was consistent with follow up, continued to provide valuable information and guidance as I struggled with the confusing array of options available and disappointing way all other salespeople treated us. Joe was the standout of integrity. Then once the sale was complete, the work was done with quality, on time, and as quoted. We are VERY happy with the results. Thanks again Joe.

Service Category: General Contractor – HVAC

Year first hired: 2010

Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity

Dennis S. on LinkedIn

Wheaton, IL

Joe took the time to really explain the systems and gave me options unlike other companies.  I am very appreciative of the promptness of the new installation.  Your experienced, friendly staff did an excellent job installing our furnace, AC and central humidification system for us.  After the installation they walked me through the operation, and explained the new touch screen thermostat to us.   I absolutely will recommend Air-Smart to family and friends.  Thanks again

Eric Q.

Wheaton, IL

Replacing both a furnace and air-conditioning system can be reasonably expensive so it was important for us to trust who was going to perform the service.  We obtained several quotes and on all fronts – pricing, quality, explanation, timeliness and local – my wife and I were both very pleased with Air-Smart.  We do not hesitate recommending Air-Smart, and as a matter of fact we have recommended you already to our neighbor!

Tom & Joan M.

Wheaton, IL

Dear Joe,  Just a note to tell you Thanks. Your crew was very efficient and did a great job of installation. The removal of our old equipment and installation of the new, went off without a hitch and the guys did a great job of cleaning up.  One more thing…the price. We had another quote for this job, and it was almost twice the price. Give yourself and your crew five gold stars from us!!

Gary and Val C.

Wheaton, IL

I bought the Wheaton Patch deal for Air-Smart to come clean and prepare my furnace for the winter. I was thoroughly impressed by the serviceman’s friendliness, attention to detail and his honest opinion of the state of my furnace. He used cameras to show me the insides of the furnace and checked the whole house for carbon monoxide leaks. I highly recommend them.

Jim H.

Wheaton, IL

Joe: You and your guys did a great job!  This was a great experience, Joe.  Yes, we will joyously and gratefully refer Air-Smart to others.  We are deeply thankful.  God’s graces and joy with you all, Merry Christmas!!!

Brian & Donna A.

Wheaton, IL


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