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Due to market or any other conditions or reasons, Air-Smart, Inc reserves all rights to – and will – revise, update, alter and or change any and or all terms, conditions, offers, services, policies, pricing, plans, guarantees and or warranties from time to time without advance or other notice in any form.

Revisions and or updates as newly posted or as published on this website replace any former terms, conditions, offers, services, policies, pricing and or plan(s) and are effective immediately upon being posted or published thus rendering any former version void.

A screenshot of any former version does not and will not extend any past validity when new updates have been posted or published herein. 


Estimates are valid for 14 calendar days from the date shown on the estimate. When approving our estimate, please sign and return it to Air-Smart, Inc along with the required 50% deposit or else have financing that we offer approved within this 14 day window of time and return a signed estimate. If it’s not specifically listed on the estimate, it’s not included in the cost shown.


Submitting a deposit – whether or not you have signed and returned the written estimate form – indicates your understanding, approval and agreement with all terms, work, pricing and deposit requirement as listed on the Estimate and as set forth in this website just as if you had physically signed the Estimate form.

Air-Smart, Inc reserves the unconditional right to reject and or withdraw any signed estimate delivered to Air-Smart, Inc at any time for any reason prior to Air-Smart, Inc physically arriving on the jobsite and physically starting the removal of the existing HVAC system at the jobsite location as described in the estimate.

Any deposit received for an estimate that has been withdrawn by Air-Smart, Inc will be promptly returned.

Obtaining and paying for any permits if or when required by any municipality or governing body or scheduling and being present for any municipality or governing body inspections, is the sole responsibility of the property owner.

Any code upgrade work that may be required is not included in the price unless specifically listed and shown as being included on the estimate.

Air-Smart is not liable to inform, furnish, install perform or pay for any mechanical, building or fire code upgrades to any existing structure or for any work not listed on the estimate.


All warranty work will be performed during normal business hours.


Air-Smart, Inc provides a 1-year, from the date of installation, limited labor warranty covering the replacement (labor only) of manufacturer warranted parts on newly installed equipment covered under manufacturer warranty that are determined by the manufacturer to be defective. 

If the manufacturer, after reviewing the returned “defective” part(s), determines the part(s) were in fact not defective for any reason whatsoever including but not limited to abuse or lack of regular maintenance, and charges Air-Smart, Inc for the replacement part(s), then Air-Smart, Inc will charge the homeowner for the cost of the replacement part(s) installed.

The Limited Labor Warranty is valid specifically for manufacturer covered (failed) parts during the one year period after the date of installation. It does not cover replacement labor for parts not covered under the manufacturer parts warranty or past the 1-year labor warranty expiration date.

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