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Due to market conditions or any other stated or unstated reason(s), Air-Smart, Inc unconditionally reserves any and all right(s) to revise, update and or change any terms, conditions, offers, services, policies, pricing and or plan(s) from time to time or at any time without advance or other notice in any form or media. Revisions and or updates as posted or published on this website replace any former terms, conditions, offers, services, policies, pricing and or plan(s) and are effective immediately upon being posted or published. As a user of this website you understand and agree that it is your responsibility to stay informed and up to date by visiting and fully and completely reviewing this website regularly. A screenshot of any former terms, offers, services, policies, pricing or plan(s) does not extend any validity when or after new updates are posted or published herein.


Repair parts are subject to any warranty offered by the part manufacturer itself. Air-Smart itself does not offer or provide any warranty for the actual part or equipment component.


All warranty work will be performed during normal business hours.


For as long as it continues to be in business, Air-Smart, Inc offers a Limited Lifetime Installation Labor Warranty. This warranty is applicable to new A/C and Heating systems installed by Air-Smart, Inc for the lifetime of the new equipment installed by us. Any changes, modifications or work by others to equipment installed by Air-Smart may, at our sole discretion, void the Lifetime Installation Warranty.

This Limited Warranty applies specifically to our “installation labor” itself and warrants that we installed the equipment correctly per manufacturer specifications.

This warranty applies only and explicitly to the original owner who purchased the equipment from Air-Smart, Inc and equipment that was installed in an owner occupied single family home.

The warranty conveys that we believe in our installations, we install the equipment properly per manufacturer specifications and we stand behind our work for the lifetime of the equipment according to all the terms and conditions as set forth in this website.

It is not intended to, nor does it offer or imply free labor for any issue not directly related to the initial equipment installation itself, i.e., service calls for equipment failure or any other repair or for any issue after someone other than Air-Smart, Inc or an Air-Smart, Inc designated and approved technician works on the equipment.


As stated, the manufacturer provides the Warranty on all equipment and parts. Air-Smart, Inc provides, according to all terms and conditions as set forth in this website, a Two Year Limited Labor Warranty covering the replacement labor for any parts on newly installed equipment found to be defective, as determined by the manufacturer who has the last say in the matter. If the manufacturer, after reviewing the returned part(s), determines the part(s) were not defective for any reason including but not limited to abuse or lack of annual maintenance, the Air-Smart, Inc replacement Limited Labor Warranty also becomes void and the cost for replacement labor will be charged to the homeowner.


Estimates are valid for 14 calendar days from the date shown on the estimate. When you approve our estimate, please sign and return it to Air-Smart, Inc along with the required deposit or else have financing approved within this 14 day window of time.


Submitting a deposit indicates your understanding, approval and agreement with all terms, work, pricing and deposit requirement as listed on the Estimate and all terms, conditions and notices as posted to and set forth in this website – whether or not you have signed and returned the estimate.

Air-Smart, Inc reserves the unconditional right to reject or withdraw any signed estimate returned to Air-Smart, Inc at any time for any reason prior to Air-Smart, Inc physically showing up and starting the removal of the existing system at the jobsite location as described in the estimate.

Any deposit received for an estimate that has been withdrawn by Air-Smart, Inc will be promptly returned.

Obtaining and paying for any permits if or when required by any municipality or governing body or scheduling and being present for any municipality or governing body inspections, is the sole responsibility of the property owner.

Insomuch as it is the property owner’s own responsibility to obtain any necessary permit, the property owner also accepts responsibility for notifying Air-Smart of any prospective or necessary code upgrade required for or by such permit in advance of any work being performed. Any code upgrade work, unless specifically listed as being included, is not included in the original estimate amount.

Air-Smart is not liable to inform, furnish, install perform or pay for any mechanical, building or fire code upgrades to any existing structure or for any work not listed on the estimate.

Any code upgrade work requested to be performed but not specifically listed on our estimate prior to work starting will be an extra charge due from and payable by the property owner to Air-Smart, Inc.

After viewing this website, please immediately contact us with any questions or comments you may have that are fresh on your mind. If we are not contacted and asked, we understand that to mean that you have viewed, understand and agree to the terms, conditions and or policies as posted / published herein and/or also in any written form requested by you and provided by us. We do our best to be current and forthright with information updates. Thank you.

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