Maintenance Dilemma Solved

You want your heating and cooling systems to run safely, reliably and efficiently – right?

The best and easiest way to achieve that is with Annual Maintenance.

Check this out: Annual maintenance produces reliable, healthy running heating and cooling systems.

Something else that’s important too…

Annual maintenance puts You in Charge!

If you want to finally Take Charge of that heating and cooling system that you don’t know too much about…

Call Air-Smart today and be on your way to Knowing and Controlling your systems.

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Air-Smart solved the age-old maintenance plan dilemma…like no one else has before.

Yes, you know the one I’m talking about…picking the right maintenance plan COLOR. Which one should I choose – Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum? Hmmm...

No more confusion, and no more colors. We offer Two FULL SERVICE maintenance plans, and we add our own “Secret Sauce” to both

The result: Two Specific Plans custom tailored to the AGE of your heating and cooling systems. 

  • 1 – 11 Plan, for newer systems (1 – 11 yrs old)
  • 12+ Plan, specifically for mid-range and older systems


A simple choice to select the right plan that works for you, determined by the age of your equipment.

Your own body has changing needs as you age – so does your heating and cooling equipment.

Our maintenance service has helped many aging systems keep running healthy, right past that ’20-year’ mark.

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Age-Related, residential maintenance plans – FULL DETAILS AND PRICING, Click Annual Maintenance


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