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TRUST AND VALUE!  4 Solid Benefits of having an Air-Smart Residential Service Plan 

1) Having an Air-Smart Service Plan means that we know you and you know us. There is an Established Relationship, a Trust Commitment that we honor together.

2) Airlines board their frequent flyer members first. Similarly, enrolled Service Plan Members Receive Top of the List Priority Service which is a nice feature to have when your AC or furnace suddenly quits running.

3) Save on repairs, plan members pay less. Enrolled Service Plan members receive a 20% Discount on Repairs. (Like using saved airline miles and getting a great deal!)

4) Enrolled Air-Smart Plan Members also receive an After-Hour Discount.

6 More Added Values when you Enroll, starting with The Big Deal!

1) You’ve checked us out in advance, you’ve talked with your friends who use us, then you’ve read our 5-star reviews and now you know you can Trust Air-Smart. This is important, a trust commitment isn’t just a big deal, it’s The Big Deal.

2) Unknown or seemingly small problems left untended can become really big and really expensive problems later. However regular servicing helps Prevent Breakdowns.

3) Most manufacturers require – and will Void the Warranty if you do not have – an established, professional Service Plan in place and submit a warranty claim.

4) Are you comfortable on the hottest days or do you sweat it out? Regular air conditioning service can identify hidden issues and can help Restore Lost or Diminished Capacity.

5) Mechanical systems such as your air conditioning, furnace or boiler can last longer. Regular service can help Extend Equipment Lifetime.

6) Slow down your electric meter. Regularly servicing your air conditioning and heating systems can keep the systems in their best running condition and Cut Your Utility Expenses.

Air-Smart now offers 3 residential Service Plan Enrollment Options to choose from

1.) Equal monthly payment plan, RECOMMENDED OPTION

2.) Pay in full in advance on an annual basis

3.) Bi-Annual Service Plan with equal monthly payments


You may also Pay-Per-Visit for each Service visit.*Please See below.

Choose the option that works best for you and Enroll Today! 630-871-1855

Start your equal monthly payment residential Service Plan for a one-time $29 enrollment set up fee starting anytime during the year, then equal monthly payments keeps your plan active. 

With an Air-Smart Service Plan, you already KNOW you can TRUST who you’re calling for service ahead of time. There is a pre-established relationship – a trust commitment.

Enroll Right Now. Call 630-871-1855

A little hesitant to enroll in an annual plan – but really would like to receive the plan values and benefits? Then take a look at our New Plan for 2018 Bi-Annual Service Plan

It Works Like This

We visit you one time every year and will provide service to your AC one year and service to your furnace or boiler the next year – and continue in this same alternating pattern, AC every other year, Furnace every other year.

This bi-annual plan is great for those who like to regularly change their own air filters and humidifier water panels but lack the knowledge and expertise and professional grade test equipment required to go through their furnace and AC and check all the safety systems plus the equipment operation, performance and carbon monoxide levels at both the flame source and at a room register or check things like pressure switches, blower shaft end play tolerance, furnace igniter, flame sensor, high heat limit switches, flame roll-out switch, AC refrigerant level, schrader valve, sub-cooling, super heat, condition of the contactor and take a capacitor microfarad reading. You really need a pro to check and test these things.

With this plan you’ll receive the same Values and Benefits as our annual plan plus receive semi-annual testing and inspection of these critical items which can result in catching potential safety hazard issues ahead of time and help prevent service calls.

The Bi-Annual plan is offered as a monthly payment plan per each furnace, boiler or AC with pro-rated monthly payments for bi-annual service.

Call Air-Smart Today to Learn More! 630-871-1855

Enrollment – How it Works:

CALL RIGHT NOW! 630-871-1855

NO RISK GUARANTEE:  If you’re not happy for any reason Air-Smart Service Plan Members may discontinue the plan at Any Time for Any Reason with No Cancellation Fee or Penalties, after one full year of paid service by simply sending a 30 day advance cancellation email to the membership services email address, that’s all there is to it. When your Service Plan is cancelled, any and all Service Plan benefits end at that time as well.

Enroll Today for your Air-Smart Service Plan with our NO RISK GUARANTEE!

CALL RIGHT NOW! 630-871-1855

A Small Investment with a Great Relationship

*Unfortunately Pay-Per-Visit folks cannot be included as Service Plan members and therefore will not qualify for the added Values and Benefits of our Service Plan membership.

However we are happy that you chose us for your service and we will do everything we can to make you a happy repeat customer who will refer us to your family and friends just as our Service Plan members do.


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