When to Replace your Furnace or AC

FACT. A new name brand furnace or AC should last 20 years or longer from the date it was properly installed. Proper installation is a critical factor in how well equipment functions and how long it lasts.

Many reputable companies will answer that equipment will last 15 years and some perhaps less reputable might say 10 to 15 years. Of those who say the shorter length of time, some likely are planting the thought concept that you’ll need to replace your equipment sooner than is actually necessary.

People naturally want to keep their existing equipment running as long as possible before investing in new equipment. Air-Smart can maintain your equipment and keep it running for a long time. Regular maintenance pays dividends relating to the life expectancy, efficient operation and reliability of your equipment, not to mention continued, uninterrupted comfort for occupants.

Worn out equipment that simply has reached the end of its useful lifetime is the primary reason people replace their equipment – and we believe this should be beyond the 20 year mark. For older equipment that doesn’t carry today’s warranties, major expensive parts such as heat exchangers rusting out and posing a threat to your safety or simply deciding you’re ready to get new modern equipment that’s much more energy efficient are two more common reasons we see for replacing equipment.

Major brands typically provide a 10 year functional parts warranty and some offer a limited lifetime warranty on the heat exchanger when the warranty is registered online within 60 days of installation. This length of warranty tells you that with regular maintenance and upkeep, your equipment should last many years more than the 10 year parts warranty that comes with new equipment.

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