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Rebates and Tax Credits Info and Disclaimer

Rebate programs for energy efficient equipment purchases are available through local utility companies. Rebates are funded by a special energy efficiency tax mandated by the State of IL and collected by both ComEd and Nicor who add a line item for this on your monthly utility bills. 

Rebates and Tax Credits are a transaction solely between the consumer and the utility company or the consumer and the Government. 

Air-Smart has no say, input or influence on any aspect whatsoever of Rebates or Tax Credits and we do not complete Rebate or other Tax Credit forms. However, if asked, we will strive to help you locate or determine the product, component or system AHRI rating number which may be required when you’re completing a Rebate or Tax Credit forms.

Air-Smart offers no claim or representation either in writing, verbal or implied regarding Rebates, Energy Efficiency Ratings or Tax Credits. Manufacturers energy efficiency rating statements and representations are their own. Air-Smart may verbally or in written form share manufacturers own published energy efficiency data with consumers.

Statement regarding Manufacturer SEER / EER / AHRI Ratings

Manufacturers provide their own product testing for efficiency ratings. Air-Smart does no testing. We rely upon and share manufacturer supplied and published product efficiency information. 

Actual achieved efficiency ratings of installed equipment can vary per each individual home according to each homes’ construction characteristics and many other factors.

Additional information can be found at the ENERGY STAR website. Cut and paste the following address to your web browser:

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