Air-Smart offers Top Rated (according to July 2018 issue of Consumer Reports) American Standard residential and Trane commercial equipment brand products and we take pride and care in our custom installations performing them the right way so that you will experience the best performance value and longest service life possible from your new equipment.

Properly installed and maintained equipment should last at least 20 years or more. Note the two important factors here are 1) Properly Installed and 2) Properly Maintained. Keeping your equipment properly maintained is essential to a long and trouble free lifespan.

Parts do wear out and can need adjusting or replacing at various times in the equipment lifespan. Having manufacturer recommended regular professional maintenance can catch part issues ahead of time before they fail and may save you from a service call later.

In addition, checking, adjusting and re-setting heating and cooling components back to manufacturer recommended ranges means more efficient operation and increased longevity for both the parts and the equipment.  630-871-1855

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