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Air-Smart now offers 3 great residential options for your Maintenance. 1.) Maintenance Service Plan with monthly payment, 2.) Bi-Annual Maintenance Service Plan with monthly payment, or 3.) $89 pay-as-you-go for each AC or Furnace maintenance performed.* 

Get our Maintenance Service Plan for a one-time $39 set-up fee starting anytime during the year, then $6.95 per month per each Furnace, Boiler or AC. 

Air-Smart Maintenance Service Plans (#1 and #2 above) now offer a 20% discount on service call repairs!

An Air-Smart Maintenance Service Plan gives you Up Front Flat Rate Repair Pricing, Priority Service Scheduling and Reduced After Hours Diagnostic / Trip Rate. 

An Air-Smart Maintenance Service Plan membership means KNOWING who you’re calling for service ahead of time.

Residential Air-Smart maintenance Maintenance Service Plan memberships includes manufacturer recommended annual maintenance services for your heating and cooling equipment. 

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New for 2018

Bi-Annual Maintenance Service Plan

This plan is for those who would like a semi-regular safety and preventative check up on their heating and cooling equipment but just don’t want to have it done every year. Having it done every two years provides you with peace of mind of knowing your equipment is safety checked and maintained and it also enables you as a Maintenance Service Plan member to receive the advantages and discounts that come with our Maintenance Service Plan membership.

It Works Like This

We come out one time every year and provide maintenance service to the AC one year and maintenance service to the furnace the following year – and continue the alternating pattern in the same manner, AC every other year, Furnace every other year.

This plan works especially great for those who like to regularly change their own air filters and humidifier water panels but lack the knowledge and expertise required to go through and check all the equipment safety systems, perform carbon monoxide level testing at both the flame source and at the registers and check things like blower shaft end play tolerance, furnace igniter and flame sensor or AC refrigerant level and condition of the contactor and capacitor.

Regular testing and inspection of these items can result in catching potential safety hazzard issues ahead of time and may help prevent or prolong the time between service calls. The Bi-Annual plan is $3.75 per month per each furnace, boiler or AC.

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Professional Maintenance Plan Services

One annual Air Conditioner Maintenance & Safety Service provided during the cooling season includes professional testing of things that normal homeowners are unable to check such as checking the condenser fan shaft end play, super heat, sub cooling, refrigerant level, condition of contactor, capacitor microfarad, schrader valve and other normal AC checks.

One annual Furnace or Boiler Maintenance & Safety Service provided during the heating season includes professional carbon monoxide testing at the living space air registers, checking the blower shaft end play tolerance and testing the safety components plus the igniter and flame sensor tolerances.

Member Services PLUS 20% Service Call Discount Savings:

No Risk Monthly Payment Plan

Convenient Monthly Payments

More Air-Smart Member Benefits

Air-Smart Maintenance Service Plan Membership is the Right Choice & Absolutely the Best Value.

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OUR NO RISK GUARANTEE:  If you’re not happy for any reason Air-Smart members may discontinue membership at Any Time for Any Reason with No Cancellation Fee or Penalties, after your first full year of paid membership by simply sending a 30 day advance cancellation email to the membership services email address, that’s all there is to it. 

To cancel / unsubscribe after your first full year of paid membership, send a cancellation email to:  MemberServices (see below)

Provide Air-Smart with 30 days advance written notice in the form of an email sent to MemberServices (one word, no space) in order to update the merchant processing and stop the automatic payments applied to your credit or debit card. 

Use the bold underlined MemberServices phrase (with no spaces) immediately followed by as the address to unsubscribe.

NOTE: We spelled out the email address above that way in order to deter robots from scooping the email address and loading our in-box full of spam. If you have any questions about the email address, please call and we’ll be glad to help.

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*Number three pay-as-you-go option does not include Plan discounts or additional benefits as included with Plan Membership. Options one and two both do include discounts and benefits.


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