#1 Issue

What is the #1 issue regarding replacing a heating and cooling system?

The number ONE issue is not:

The number ONE issue when replacing your heating and cooling system is the bottom line COST…keep reading

Why do you think so many companies put a great deal of effort into distracting you away from talking about the bottom line cost by controlling the conversation and talking about other things instead?

During the sales pitch, do you catch yourself feeling a little overwhelmed with all their rambling talk?

They’ll talk of brand features, benefits, comfort, energy savings, environmental impact, overall value, extreme filtration, UV lights and don’t forget that we’ve been in business for over 120 years and that we wear shoe protectors while in your home, etc., etc. ad nauseam.

Guess what? It’s not that difficult.

The purchase of an A/C, furnace or boiler is a rather big-ticket item for most people and Cost was rated as #1 in importance for the majority of those surveyed.

Here is some Common Sense:

When shopping for a replacement heating and cooling system, place less emphasis on the service and repair side of a company – you likely won’t need a service call for a very long time. Direct more of your attention on the Installation Team and their track record. Here’s why:

Newly installed equipment most likely will not require a service call for repair during the first 10 years after installation. How do I know that?

Think about the warranty for a moment. Most manufacturers offer a 10-year parts warranty. From manufacturers own experience over the years, they know how long things last. And if parts lasted less than 10 years, they likely wouldn’t offer a 10 year warranty.

Overall value is not all the fluff the salesperson is excitedly telling you about.

Overall value comes down to getting brand name equipment professionally installed at the best possible cost. That’s it.

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