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Do you know THIS about your Heating System? 

Safety components, functional parts and performance settings can all change or simply wear out over time due to normal everyday use.

All critical safety components should be professionally Checked, Meter Tested & Adjusted and sometimes be replaced when necessary to bring them back in line with manufacturer’s data and safety specifications.


Air-Smart, Inc offers Two Specialized Plan Options:

  • One for newer systems 1 – 11 years old
  • One for systems 12+ years old 
  • Standard per/unit pricing shown near the bottom of this page

Other companies offer multiple color plans such as a Bronze plan with downgraded services that usually leaves things out, mid-level Silver plans or the expensive Gold and Platinum plans that usually include things you don’t really need. 


Stop fretting over what you really need, or don’t need, and choosing the wrong color plan. 

Say, “No More!” to other expensive Gold and Platinum plans.

Simply choose the right FULL SERVICE plan exclusively at Air-Smart that is based upon the AGE of your system and includes the things you need for a down-to-earth price.


1 – 11 Plan 

1 – 11 Plan consists of Seasonal Maintenance services per current manufacturers recommendations plus our own “secret sauce” customized services for systems in this newer AGE group.

This is the Air-Smart maintenance service created and developed especially for people:

  • Who have newer heating and cooling systems (1 – 11 years old)
  • Who want a maintenance service geared specifically for systems in their initial phase of service, keeping them tuned-up and running at peak factory performance
  • Who want current documentation of maintenance performed for warranty continuation purposes
  • Who like our Full Service plan efficiently performed 
  • Who like getting 10% off on repairs
  • Who appreciate Priority Service for members
  • Who like our No Breakdown Guarantee. (see below)


Do it now, do it right now, don’t leave without calling.


12+ Plan

12+ is our Safety, Maintenance and Performance service created for system from the mid-range to aging category that meets or exceeds established standards set by equipment manufacturers plus we add our own “secret sauce” for systems in this AGE category.


Created especially for:

  • Systems (12+ years old) specially designed with extra care to help your Mid-Range to Aging System stay running strong with the goal of increasing and prolonging the lifetime of the system.
  • Or if you’re new to Air-Smart and have a system that in the past seemed to have problems just a little too often. We’ll work to find and eliminate any problem source and get your systems back on the right track and then keep them there with regular maintenance
  • Who like getting 10% off on repairs
  • Who appreciate Priority Service for members
  • Who like our No Breakdown Guarantee.

No Breakdown Guarantee. If you experience a service failure within one-year after we’ve completed a maintenance visit and call us back for service, we’ll include an instant $49 discount on the follow-up service ticket. (Guarantee will be voided if anyone other than Air-Smart, including the homeowner, makes any adjustments or changes to covered heating & cooling systems. Power surge, acts of nature, accident or vandalism are not covered)


See Payment Options and Unit Pricing Below  

Properly maintained systems should last 20+ years. Do you know the AGE of your Systems?

Just ask us when we’re there for a maintenance visit and we’ll gladly verify and let you know the systems age. 




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(2) Annual Visits, one for cooling & one for heating. 

  1. One Annual Payment, 
  2. Equal Monthly Payments on Credit / Debit card (annual amount divided into 12 equal payments) 
  3. Pay-Per-Visit Standard Rate is $79 per Unit 

(1) Annual Visit Option: Service both heating and cooling units in one visit – Call for Special Price (One visit option is only available May 15th – October 15th, call and reserve your one visit service now!)

  • One Cooling Unit = (1) A/C Condenser, 
  • One Heating Unit = (1) Furnace or (1) Boiler.

If you prefer to Pay-Per-Visit we can still offer you member benefits, however you must still pre-register as a plan member in order to qualify for member discounts and benefits. 

Call for One Annual Payment or Equal Monthly Payment Prices.

We make it Easy to be an Air-Smart Plan Member and receive Full Benefits and Discounts! Sign Up Now.

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