Maintenance Details

Seasonal Heating and Cooling Maintenance (Residential)

Mechanical Systems:

Complete seasonal inspection of moving & functional components of your heating and cooling mechanical systems.

Electrical Systems:

Complete inspection and testing of 24V, 120V and 240V electrical components of your heating and cooling systems.

Safety Systems:

Checking, inspection and or testing of Safety Systems such as ignition, combustion, thermal and venting. We also take a carbon monoxide reading during our seasonal heating inspection. 

Overall Performance and Efficiency:

We test the overall efficiency of your systems operations including refrigerant system, the air flow system and the combustion system for a maximum performance output.

Secret Sauce: (all that we can publicly divulge)

A combination of visual, listening/hearing, hands-on touch sensing and intuition learned and developed over time and passed on to newer generation technicians, combined with modern training and utilizing the latest digital test instruments. All this is carefully applied to your equipment helping to keep both newer and aging equipment running for many years to come.


We document test results and readings on our field tickets and then scan each ticket, saving an electronic copy in your file for future reference and history.

Air Filter Gladly Installed

If you provide a new air filter for us, we will gladly install it while we’re there. There are so many different types and sizes of air filters, it’s impossible to stock all of them in our service vehicles. Keeping a couple of spare new air filters on hand in your home is a good idea.

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