Lifetime Installation Warranty

Air-Smart Free Limited Lifetime Installation Warranty on our New Equipment

Air-Smart professionally installs your new equipment with pride, we install it correctly – and we protect you by standing behind our installation with a Limited Lifetime Installation Warranty with all our new residential furnace, boiler or AC equipment installations.

If there ever is any issue found directly attributed to an installation error during the normal lifetime of your equipment, Air-Smart will correct that error for you at no charge.*

*This installation warranty shall remain in effect for the entire normal useful lifetime of the equipment. This warranty applies solely to the installation of the equipment for the original purchaser(s) of the equipment and who is/are the owner(s) and occupant(s) of the single family home, townhome or condo where the new AC, furnace or boiler heating/cooling equipment has been installed. The warranty does not apply to leased / rented, non-owner occupied homes. The new equipment must be annually maintained by Air-Smart, Inc., starting one year after the date of installation with no gaps in annual maintenance service for the warranty to remain in effect. This warranty may not be transferred to subsequent owners or any other person or entity.

This warranty is void if anyone other than a current Air-Smart employee performs any maintenance, cleaning, service, adjustment, repair, component addition, component removal or replacement on or to any of the originally installed equipment, accessory component and / or related systems including but not limited to thermostat and existing plenum and air ducts, piping, valves and wiring at any time during the lifetime of the equipment covered by this warranty. Issues caused by neglect, failure to have Air-Smart perform annual maintenance, rodents, animals, pets, act of nature or any illegal activities are not included. Issues such as any digging, adding or removing of soil, plants or compost, soil erosion, fencing or screening, landscaping, flooding, dry ground shrinkage, accident, weather or other factors causing or resulting in uneven settlement, displacement or damage to the AC condenser, furnace, boiler and / or any related components are not covered or included in this warranty. Warranty is void if any of these requirements are not fully adhered to.


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