New Furnace for $1795

$1795 New Furnace Ad – Real Deal?

The quick answer is yes it is possible to buy a furnace for $1795. The caveat though is that the advertised $1795 furnace is the smallest size furnace out there.

Still, that’s great if you live in a home so small that this little furnace will work in. Otherwise, you’ll need a larger furnace suitable for your home and a larger furnace will cost more.

Companies that put out intentionally misleading ads such as the $1795 furnace ads are also the same ones likely to try and upsell you when you respond to their low price ads.

You probably already know that this type of ad is specifically designed for them to get their foot inside your door. Once inside your average size home, a slick talking sales person will be working you over pretty hard perhaps including trinkets and do-dads to catch your eye hoping to get you to sign. Again, the end result will always be a much higher price. 

Don’t let those misleading ads grab your attention. Search for and find companies that truly offer the best value on reasonably priced HVAC systems that come with professional installation right up front – that is your best bet and with no gotcha and bad feelings later.   

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