Use Reasonable Care with Indoor Air Products

With the wide variety of indoor air products available, we recommend that you do your own research for any and all indoor air equipment on the market today.

The claims of manufacturers and or dealers may sometimes be influenced by their own desire to market and sell a particular product so as a minimum safeguard you should be careful, do your own research and ask family, neighbors and friends who may have used the particular product you’re considering before buying.

There are products available that on the surface may sound like a good thing and safe to have in your home but upon further research you may find some of them over time have been proven to be harmful instead of helpful.

Look for independent studies done over time on the product and rely less upon manufacturers own product studies, especially the ones that have limited or no history behind them to review and even use caution with dealer claims. 

The IAQ pages of this website show a couple products that we either have confidence in or have used (myself) and believe they can be beneficial.

We still recommend that independent of the statement above, you do your own research on all products and or equipment and come to your own decision as to whether they may or may not be beneficial for your particular home, your circumstance and your use.

We’re happy to answer any questions you may have and will answer them to the best of our ability.

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