The Central Heating and Cooling System is the Heart and Lungs of Your Home

Think about the headline statement for a moment.

Yes, plumbing and electrical systems are important however your HVAC system (Heating Ventilation and A/C) is the most important system in your home with regard to your daily comfort – and what you breathe. It doesn’t matter what season it is or what the temperature is outside…you rely on your HVAC system for comfort and health…every single day.

Compare plumbing and electrical systems to the gas you put in your vehicle – your car won’t run without gas. Or compare plumbing and electrical systems to your own body – as in arteries, veins and an electrical impulse from the brain to make the heart muscles pump. In both of these analogies, the plumbing and electrical systems fuel a piece of equipment or a central system – either your car or your heart and lungs.

Both your car and your heart need the right kind of fuel to properly function. Similarly, both your car and your heart need regular maintenance to keep them running strong. Your car needs regular tune-ups and oil changes and your body need the right kind of food combined with moderate exercise. Without those components, both your car and your body will certainly break down.

By nature, our being busy means it’s easy to forget and pay little attention to or perhaps remember but put-off those basic things necessary for long-term reliability and performance of our car and our body.

The same is true about paying attention to our HVAC systems. We’ve quickly grown accustomed to these systems running unnoticed in the background as we go about our busy lives and we forget that a little regular maintenance will keep your HVAC system running reliably for a long time.

Another consideration is that just as your body ages and needs different things than it did when you were 20, (think regular tennis shoes versus tennis shoes with added arch support) your aging HVAC system can benefit from extra precautions that are not needed when the system is newer.

Air-Smart, Inc has two Age Related maintenance plans, one for newer systems and one for mid-range to aging systems. Keep the heart of your home healthy, check out the plan that fits your systems age today.

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