Helpful Tips Before Calling for Service

Furnace or AC not working? Here are some Helpful Tips before calling Air-Smart for Service 

When your Furnace is not heating or the AC is not cooling:

No matter what the problem with your heating & cooling system may be, we want to help.

If you’re handy and comfortable with checking a few items, then before you call us for service, try these initial troubleshooting tips.

IMPORTANT. Always – at all times – remember that there is dangerous high voltage electricity running through these units. Do not attempt to troubleshoot unless you are experienced and know how to safely work with or around high voltage. If you’re not qualified to work with or around high voltage electricity, please call Air-Smart for service. 630-871-1855

Is the unit getting power?

Is the Thermostat set correctly?

For No Heat / Insufficient Heat

For No cooling / Insufficient Cooling

No Airflow

Air is Too Dry or Air is Too Moist

Noisy Air Vents

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