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Why High Efficiency? 

In times past, oil furnaces operated in the 60% efficient range. The majority of gas furnaces in existing homes today that are reaching the end of their useful lifetime operate right around the 80% efficiency range.

When it’s replacement time now you can choose between replacing your gas furnace with that same 80% efficiency or select a high efficiency furnace that will operates right around the 96% efficiency range, have a 2-stage gas valve and a variable speed blower motor.

Getting Right to the Point

Simple math will tell you that a 96% efficient gas furnace will operate about 16% more efficient than an 80% gas furnace. So, in round numbers, if your annual winter (furnace only) gas usage is $1,000 per winter season with your existing 80% efficient furnace, you’ll save about $160 per heating season by upgrading to a 96% efficient furnace.

The average useful lifespan for a gas furnace that has been installed properly is 20+ years. So again in round numbers, taking that $160/yr savings (96% efficient savings over an 80% efficient furnace) times 20 years means you’ll save about $3200 over the useful lifespan of the 96% efficient furnace compared to the 80% efficient furnace.

Game Changer

The game changer is not so much the savings alone but rather when that savings is combined with the increased comfort you will get from the high efficiency furnace year after year.

There are 95% efficient single stage furnaces available but if you have the option, we recommend the 2-Stage, Variable Speed furnace. The reason is simple – yet requires explaining.

Moderate air circulation is one of the the primary keys for comfort. A single stage furnace blower comes on Full Blast when the thermostat calls for heat, runs for a short period of time and then shuts off as soon as the desired temperature (set point) is reached on the thermostat.

A Variable Speed furnace blower starts out on Low Speed and runs for longer periods of time circulating the air gently and only ramps up to high speed when the demand calls for it to and then ramps back down to low speed. This longer & moderate air circulation is more comfortable on your skin than short blasts of warm air and it also helps reduce the cold spots in the corners of each room. 

Cost is Secondary

As just mentioned, Comfort is the main reason for upgrading to a 2-Stage, Variable Speed furnace and then the cost savings that comes along with it is just icing on the cake.

#1 Rated High Efficiency Furnace

Go to any furnace review site online and you will see ALL the top brands have several 5-Star ratings and just as many 1-Star ratings, with very few “middle-range” ratings. Think about that for a moment. Those people purchased a top brand furnace and yet many gave only a 1-Star review rating. Why is that?

Installation. Proper installation is the key to long term satisfaction. Proper installation is paramount! Poor installation will result in poor performance, breakdowns and failures – even from top rated equipment. A good installation along with proper maintenance will provide many years of enjoyable, trouble free results for occupants of the home. There is no middle ground, either the installation is done right or it is done poorly. Will you buy a 5-star installation or a 1-star installation?

Air-Smart Limited Lifetime Installation Labor Warranty

Air-Smart professionally installs your new equipment with pride, we install it correctly – and we protect you by standing behind our installation with a Limited Lifetime Installation Labor Warranty.

We proudly include a Free Limited Lifetime Installation Labor Warranty with our new residential furnace, boiler or AC equipment installations. Go to our Installation Warranty page: https://air-smart.com/lifetime-warranty/ 

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