Credit Card Security & Misc Info

Credit Card Security 

SAFE AND SECURE. All Credit Card information is stored securely at Chase Bank Merchant Services. No credit card information is stored at Air-Smart – none, period.

Air-Smart Membership Auto-Renewal

After signing up, your Air-Smart membership automatically renews and will continue until or unless 30 days advance written cancellation is received. There is no Contract to sign and you may discontinue your Membership at any time for any reason with notice as per the following:

ProvideAir-Smart with 30 days advance written notice in the form of an email sent to MemberServices in order to update the merchant processing and stop the automatic payments.

Use the underlined phrase above (with no spaces) immediately followed by as the address to unsubscribe.

Warranty work will be performed during normal business hours only.

We endeavor to serve all of our loyal customers and our new customers to the best of our given ability and we continually strive to improve our programs, product offerings and services that we offer.

In doing so, we may make program, product, pricing and service offering amendments, upgrades, changes /modifications and or cancellations as the market or any other condition(s) or reasons may influence us and we reserve the unconditional right to do so at any time without prior or further notice.

Using our website or any of our services indicates your acknowledgement and agreement with our policies.



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