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[ac_section title=”When should I replace my heating and cooling systems?”]

There are three main reasons for replacing your Furnace or Boiler heating system or your AC, Air Conditioning cooling systems: 1) They’re very old and you desire to replace them before they break down, 2) They are very old and they have broken down, 3) They are getting older and you desire a more energy efficient system.

If your heating & cooling system is still running and you’re not necessarily in the market for a more efficient system right away, we recommend extending the life of your system by enrolling in Air-Smart’s Mechanical Upkeep plan for  system maintenance and making your existing system last as long as possible before replacing it.


[ac_section title=”When replacing my old system, how do I select the right new system?”]

We recommend talking with two other local professional heating and air conditioning contractors and then talking with Air-Smart last. You’ll be getting recommendations and estimates for your new system from all three. The short time it takes to go through that process will be well worth it for you and time well spent. That way you’ll have a good understanding of brands, accessories and overall cost after reviewing and understanding all three quotes.

Why does Air-Smart recommend getting quotes from two other contractors first? Because it’s wise business practice on your part to get three estimates.  And we truly welcome the opportunity to showcase and compare our professional services, reasonable pricing and long-term reliability with you – after you’ve had the opportunity to discuss the same with two other local companies.  

Only by comparing services in this manner will you be truly satisfied that you’re getting the very best overall value for your money – and your complete satisfaction is what it’s all about.


[ac_section title=”How long should a system last?”]

A properly installed and maintained system should and often lasts 20 years or more.  Two key factors are that your equipment was properly installed to start with and is regularly professionally maintained. Proper installation can make or break long-term system performance. Failing to have regular professional mechanical upkeep can shorten the useful lifespan of your system and may even void your warranty – check with your manufacturer.

If your system is approaching 15 years old, we recommend setting aside a realistic savings plan (if you don’t have one already) for the inevitable time coming up when you need to replace your system. Not all systems last 20 years – even though they should.


[ac_section title=”How often should my heating and cooling systems be serviced?”]

The correct answer is that professional maintenance should be done once annually for the AC and once annually for the furnace or boiler. Some folks change their own filters but otherwise don’t fully understand their equipment and never look at it again until it breaks down. Are you in that category?

Sometimes symptoms are present that don’t make any noise, don’t have any smell or have any noticeable difference in operation at the present time, yet they are present and could be dangerous to your health or damaging to your system. Annual maintenance helps detect those symptoms early on and allow for them to be repaired before they became a major life-safety, health or equipment failure issue.



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