Equipment Sizing


Heating and cooling replacement equipment is estimated by considering the type, size and approximate age of your home, the estimated heat gain/heat loss, the estimated insulation factor, and assumes average lighting, occupancy loads and having an existing adequately sized air duct delivery system.

For the Northern Illinois region: At 0°F outside temperature the Heating system should provide an average inside temperature of 70°F.  When the temperature hits 95°F outside, the Air Conditioning system should provide an average temperature of 75°F to 78°F inside.  There can and will be temperature difference between lower and upper floors levels with both single or two zone systems and this temperature difference is normal.


Air-Smart, Inc  is not responsible for and will not assume any liability for any pre-existing issues, inadequacies, deficiencies, damage, uneven settling, failures or expenses related to any known or unknown pre-existing conditions or for any work by others, any equipment, ductwork, register or vent, refrigerant, refrigerant lines, water valves, water lines, drain lines, electrical or any other associated mechanical systems or component issues of any kind whether visible or hidden. 

We will always do our best to inform you of issues we may find in the course of our work and offer our advice and or solution suggestions related to any issues we may find. 


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