This edition: DUCT CLEANING

Duct cleaning companies and heating and air conditioning companies that also perform duct cleaning usually charge a flat “Set Up” fee of around $150 – $200 and then charge around $30 – $50 per register. Tip: Avoid any company pushing those unbelievably cheap offers – you’ll be glad you did.

Here’s the thing to watch for. They will go around and count EVERY register in your home and charge you for each one. Why is that an issue?

The heated or cooled air coming out of the registers (on the supply side) has been filtered by the air filter at the furnace, which is located at the end of the return side. The supply side registers rarely require any cleaning whatsoever because the air has been filtered – any dust and lint drawn into the return air ducts is captured by the air filter before the air enters the furnace blower compartment.

So just count the number of return air registers and leave the supply registers alone. If the company gives you any grief about this – go find an honest company.

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