DIY HVAC – Never a Good Idea

Of all the DIY (Do It Yourself) projects homeowners can learn to handle and do themselves, HVAC is NOT one of them. Results from untrained DIY HVAC projects can unknowingly turn out to be deadly for the entire family. There are just too many critical components within an HVAC system that when improperly handled can have devastating results on personal safety, health and even your life.

There are some routine things that can be safely performed by homeowners such as regularly changing the air filter and vacuum cleaning the blower compartment and blower wheel – when the power to the furnace is turned off. Keeping these two items in your equipment clean in this manner is about the extent of what can be done safely by DIYers without having specific HVAC formal training.

If you’re not trained and fully understand all of the interconnected safety components within an HVAC system, what their specific sequencing is and how they interact together within the entire system, you should not attempt any service or repair no matter how small or inconsequential as it may seem at the time.

We all know there are handy DIY people / tinkerers who, after watching a YouTube video gain enough (false?) confidence to attempt to perform their own service or repair in order to save the cost of a professional service call.

Based upon a video they then select and order parts online they think they need. Wholesale HVAC outlets don’t sell to the general public in part due to the safety risks and liabilities involved. One problem with that is maybe the homeowner will order the right part, or maybe not.

Or maybe a similar part gets shipped from the online supplier because they didn’t have the right part in stock and the DIYer doesn’t notice the difference and installs it. That could spell trouble. There is no adequate compromise when it comes to the safety of your family and you should never guess.

Another reason some DIYers try to perform their own service or repair work is the fact that there are some ‘less than honorable’ service companies out there and you really don’t want the bad experience of discovering one of those guys the hard way. It’s unfortunate but they do exist.

The bottom line is this: do yourself and your family a big favor and spend a little time checking out local service providers in order to discern the best company to provide service for you – and then hire them.

The best HVAC service companies are interested in your well-being and creating a long term preventative maintenance and service relationship with you, not just a one-and-done service call. Safety is always paramount. Don’t ever take safety for granted or give safety less importance over cost – you and those who love you will be glad you took the time to make the right choice.

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