DIY AC Screening Project

Attractive DIY AC Screening Project

Have you considered installing a decorative screen around your AC condenser?

There are several styles that actually look nice. In most areas building codes prohibit AC condensers in the front yard and only allow them to be placed in the side or rear yards because they are considered mechanical equipment and no one wants to look at mechanical equipment in the front yard.

I find it somewhat ironic that we can drive down the road and completely overlook ugly telephone poles with their droopy power lines, transformers, cable TV lines and of course telephone cables lining most streets. We also seem to disregard the mature tree butchering that takes place to allow the power and cable TV lines unrestricted pathways,

Still we keep planting parkway trees that eventually grow into those lines, only to get chopped up themselves. If anything is unsightly, it’s the telephone poles, transformers, cables and mangled, chopped up trees. Those lines should have been placed underground right from the beginning not only for visual purposes but now in modern times for important security reasons. 

We’ve just become conditioned to seeing all the telephone poles and the lines, cables and transformers hanging from them and the butchered trees and never really give them very much thought. But heaven forbid if someone were to see an AC condenser – oh my gosh!

AC manufacturers have many models today with functional exterior shells that protect the inside mechanical equipment while also providing for ample air intake & output and they also look nice too.

Air-Smart, Inc is obviously in the business of servicing your AC condenser and as such we take great interest in sharing a couple concerns regarding plant landscaping placed too close to the AC condenser and the decorative DIY AC screening.

Plants and landscaping should not be any closer than 1 foot away from your AC condenser. In truth, there should be more room left around the AC condenser unless you don’t mind the service tech stepping on your plants. Even when plants are placed at least one foot away from the AC condenser, there is no way of servicing the unit without some collateral plant damage. There has to be enough room to work on the unit.

The same holds true for the DIY decorative shielding placed around AC condensers. Many times there is not enough room left for the service tech to work on the unit. 


 I see the gate in the photo above but even with the gate, the rest of the unit is built so closely around the AC condenser that the service tech would have to be like Houdini to even get between the decorative shielding and the AC condenser – and then try to work on it. Another issue with these is cutting off airflow. AC condensers need a lot of airflow. They draw air in from all four sides and blow it out the top of the unit.

These slats in the picture above are so close that they will not allow enough airflow either in or out of the decorative shielding and will cause the unit not only to perform poorly but it will also fail prematurely.

If you build one of these DIY AC condenser cover project, please remember the technician who has to service and repair the unit and allow ample room to do so.

If you are planning to build an AC screen and have any questions about how close is too close or any other questions, please do not hesitate to call Air-Smart. We will gladly answer any questions you may have.

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