Brands & Pricing?

What Brands do we carry?

Air-Smart has several brand options available and all are offered at the very best price you will find at this quality level.

Pricing – how much will it really cost?

Have you seen those ads that come in your gas bill advertising a new furnace installed for $1795?

Do you live in a tiny home? The $1795 installed price appears to represent the very smallest furnace made. The only way to get a true furnace replacement price is to invite an estimator to your home. 

We WANT you to get three prices. Get two other prices first and then call Air-Smart and get our very reasonable pricing that includes historically proven quality installations.

We want you to make your purchase decision based upon being informed buyer.

When comparing, you will notice that some other companies include what we call “Fluff Items” whether you actually need them or not in order to make it seem as if they offer the best “value” because they include those Fluff Item things, making their pricing higher than Air-Smart pricing.

Including Fluff Items and calling them “added value” is merely a way to draw you away from the price factor. It is an effort to justify a higher total cost. As taught in HVAC seminars we’re supposed to, “…change the customer’s perception and adjust their perceived value.” 

Do you really want or need those Fluff Items? Do you want them enough to warrant spending $1,000 or maybe even several thousand more? Ask them how much would the installed cost be without those Fluff Items? Ask them – and then be prepared for double-talk to avoid answering the question.


Be prepared for (theirs, not ours) estimate visit to last an hour or more. HVAC companies are taught in seminars that the more time spent in your home, the more you will think the estimator is doing a thorough review with hopes you will buy from them.

They will tell you they’re performing a Manual J Load Calculation and go around and measure every room (and as taught in the HVAC seminars) keep you actively involved in the process by asking you to hold one end of the tape measure as they measure.

The truth is this. ACCA Manual J Load Calculation has been the standard for some time now. Many thousands of Manual J load Calc’s have been performed around the country over the years and are on record.

Modern estimators are able to utilize this historical data derived from completed ACCA Manual J Load Calculations and apply it according to your home type, size and the era or date it was built. 

Using this historical Manual J data, there are Rules that can be applied. A 1970’s era home typically featured R-11 wall insulation, R-19 ceiling insulation, single pane windows and minimal weatherstripping.

The rule for a 70’s era home is 500 square feet per (cooling) ton. The Rules for 1980’s, 1990’s, 2000’s and 2010 era homes take into consideration the building design and codes for each particular era’s, taking into consideration any upgrades, features or improvements made along the way.

New homes built today are constructed almost air-tight and are super insulated. They require special fresh air intake equipment in order to avoid breathing stale air.

We’re not saying a Manual J isn’t necessary, but there are newer, streamlined programs that utilize historic Manual J data and take less time to achieve the end results.


We want you to  ask questions. And we want you to get all your questions answered. We want you to understand “Fluff Items” and other (needed?) Add-Ons and how they’re intentionally used to draw your attention away from price and make you think you’re getting more “value” as a way to justify why they’re charging more but you’re actually getting the same thing.  

We want you to know where the truly best deal is and how to avoid spending money on things you may not want or need.

Visit our Home page and our Specialty page for more info on what we do and why and how we do it.

Call us with your questions – we’re here to help and always glad to provide real answers. 630-871-1855

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